Lecture Scientific Visualization WS 2012/2013 - FU Berlin

Effective connectivity in brain Generalized streak line Flow around a ball with a hole Separation surface for ICE train Flow in turbine draft tube

Instructor: Alexander Wiebel
Teaching assistant: Kaveh Yousef
Contact: wiebel@zib.de, yoocef@inf.fu-berlin.de
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If no other information is provided in private communication the oral exams will take place in room 4033 at Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB).
No lecture on Monday 2013-02-11.
No tutorial this week.
We will have the long term project presentations in the tutorial of the last week before christmas, in other words next week.
The deadline for handing in the third assignment has been postponed by one week.
The price for the visualization competition will be one copy of the book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information or a book voucher for every member of the winning team.
Please remember to tell us your group ID until the end of this week.
Please see the forum concerning some frequently asked questions related to the long term project I.
The new forum is available at spline.de
We decided that written assignments will be handed in in groups of two.
The starting times of lectures and tutorials are c.t. (cum tempore).
Kaveh Yousef is the new teaching assistant for this lecture. He will be in charge of the tutorials.
The maximum number of participants has been reached.


Lecture Notes

The required username and password will be announced in the first lecture and can be requested by email.
  1. Formalities
  2. Introduction - Scientific Visualization, an overview of applications, goals, and challenges
  3. Perception
  4. Data Representation
  5. Scalar Field Analysis and Visualization
  6. Volume Rendering
  7. Vector Field Visualization
  8. Tensor Field Visualization
  9. Feature and Topology-Based Visualization
  10. Hardware-Acceleration for Selected Visualization Methods


  1. Interpolation and Voronoi
  2. Interpolation
  3. Isolines
  4. Gradient & Streamlines
  5. LIC
  6. Topology


  1. Long Term Project I

Academic Dishonesty

Please do your own work. The default consequence for academic dishonesty is a failure for the course. It is okay to discuss general ideas about implementing a program with other students. It is not okay to copy another student's program. It is okay to discuss possible program bugs. It is not okay to debug another student's program.


Students are expected to attend lectures, participate in the discussions, and complete project assignments on time. Students should come to class prepared and speak up when something is not clear. Being prepared means completing the assigned reading and assignments. Students are expected to be creative and have fun! Students with documented disabilities who may need accommodations, who have any emergency medical information the instructor should be aware of, or who need special arrangements in the event of evacuation, should make an appointment with the instructor as early as possible, and no later than the first week of the term.

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